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The basis of all accountancy is the bookkeeping which is how the numbers which make up your year-end accounts are extracted from your business documents.

This is the bit that most people hate to do and by far the most boring bit. That is why at Breakthrough Finance we do all that for you. You simply give us your bank statements and invoices each month (or each quarter - depending how many transactions there are) and we will enter them into our software package, ask you a few questions if anything is not clear and that's it.

That will give us enough information to prepare and file your VAT return if required and in most cases all the information we will need at the end of the year to prepare your year-end accounts.

From this information we can also prepare quarterly accounts if you require them and will be able to give you detailed analysis of any number on the accounts you are unclear about.

Bookkeeping services from value for money London accountants - Breakthough Finance Limited - leaving you free of worry about your statutory reporting requirements

How You Can Help Us With Your Bookkeeping

If you use cheques then please always write on the cheque stub the date, details and amount of each payment paid. Particularly the details as it is important we know not only who it was made payable to but what the payment was for. If you use online banking then in the reference box always put the reference number of the invoice you are paying or where there is no invoice some other brief note so we know what the payment is for. For any other items on the bank statements write a very brief pencil note on the statement itself of what the payment is for so that our bookkeepers work can be completed accurately without having to bother you asking lots of questions.

Finally never, ever, give anyone a blank cheque.

It is very important that you get invoices, receipts, contracts or some other type of document for virtually everything you spend and all records must be kept by law for 6 years after the financial year they pertain too.

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