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Payroll is the means by which you pay your staff their wages or salaries and deduct the tax and national insurance that both employer and employee have to pay to the Government.

Breakthrough Finance Limited are experts at Payroll preparation and do this for dozens of businesses each month. The UK Tax authority, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), have very strict rules controlling the preparation and reporting of your payments to staff each week or month and there are financial penalties for making mistakes or failing to report on time.

To add to the confusion the rules are constantly changing which is why most sensible business owners sub-contract their payroll processing to specialised contractors such as Breakthrough Finance Limited.

For each employee you have to provide various personal details about each of them as well as their tax code and national insurance number (Breakthrough Finance is registered under the data protection act so you can be assured the data you provide to us will be securely kept and not shared with anyone else).

Some of your employees will be paid weekly others monthly but in each case you provide us with their gross salary and we will calculate their net salary and prepare their payslips. We will also provide you with reports showing exactly how much you have to pay your staff and HMRC and by when. We also file for you all the reports require by law to be filed directly to HMRC under their real time information scheme (RTI).

Paying you staff on time is critical and you can be sure we will always give you the information you need in time for you to make those important payments.

Anybody who has ever owned a business or has been a part of any business understands the importance of processing company's payroll properly. Just issuing a pay cheque will not fulfil the demands of payroll process along with all the legalities associated with it. There are numerous rules and regulations which must be followed to ensure that you remain within the law. Managing and keeping track of various deductions and additions is a tiresome process, furthermore, it must be handled by a professional who's aware of all the legalities and also has a complete knowledge of processing a company's payroll.

The total cost involved in hiring a payroll service is a lot less than what you'll spend if you hire a full time professional. It also saves time as once you hire an accounting firm they'll do the necessary things and all you need to do is pay them on time. As a result, this will ensure that the whole process is error free and seamless at the same time.

Breakthrough Finance Limited are experts at Payroll preparation and do this for dozens of businesses each month - Affordable accountancy in London

If you're searching for payroll services in London then Breakthrough Finance Limited is more than happy to help you, so contact us today.

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